Political, analytical collection of articles about Azerbaijan released in Italy Stampa
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Martedì 31 Gennaio 2012 07:41
Fonte: News.az
Political, analytical collection of articles about Azerbaijan has released in Italy.

Strategic Researches Center 'Vox Populi' operating in Trentino, the north region of Italy, and analytical center 'Il Nodo di Gordio' released a joint political and analytical collection of materials titled 'Azerbaijan-pedestal of Europe in Caucasus' in Italian language, the Strategic Researches Center told Gun.Az.

Besides Italian researches, the collection also included articles of Togrul Ismayil, Azerbaijani teacher at the Ankara TOBB Economy and Technology University, expert on international affairs.

In article titled “Relations of Azerbaijan with the EU and Italy since from independence to now”, Ismayil dealt with characteristic features of the Azerbaijani state in all spheres of socio-political and cultural-moral life, as well as features derived from the fusion of Eastern and Western values and reason of integration to Europe.

At the same time, the author clarified the reasons of high-level development of relations between Azerbaijan and Italy.

According to Ismayil, the both countries are interested in the development of high-level political dialogue and expanding cooperation between legislative and executive bodies of the two countries. Today, the relations between Azerbaijan and Italy cover political, economical, as well as socio-humanitarian spheres, according to Ismayilov.