Medvedev sulla sicurezza europea Stampa
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Lunedì 30 Novembre 2009 09:09

Mosca, 29 nov. - (Adnkronos) - Il presidente russo Dmitry Medvedev ha pubblicato oggi la bozza di Trattato sulla sicurezza europea che, secondo le sue intenzioni, dovrebbe servire a superare definitivamente la mentalita' della Guerra fredda e dei blocchi. Secondo quanto si legge in un comunicato sul sito web del Cremlino, la proposta in sette pagine e 14 punti di Medvedev aiutera' il mondo a "liberarsi finalmente dell'eredita' della guerra fredda".

The draft of the European Security Treaty has been published.
On June 5, 2008, the President of Russia put forward an initiative to develop a new pan-European security treaty, the main idea of which is to create – in the context of military and political security in the Euro-Atlantic region – a common undivided space in order to finally do away with the Cold War legacy. In view of this Dmitry Medvedev suggested formalising in the international law the principle of indivisible security as a legal obligation pursuant to which no nation or international organisation operating in the Euro-Atlantic region is entitled to strengthen its own security at the cost of other nations or organisations.

Based on the results of discussions that have taken place in the last year at various venues, Russia has prepared a draft European Security treaty. The Russian President has sent this draft to the heads of relevant states and to chief executives of international organisations operating in the Euro-Atlantic region such as NATO, the European Union, the CSTO, the CIS, and the OSCE. Dmitry Medvedev emphasised that Russia is open to any proposals on the subject matter of its initiative and counts on the positive response from its partners and the beginning of a substantial discussion on specific elements of the draft treaty, which text is given below.